Personalised merchandise for business promotion – Whom to gift and how

          Every year, manufacturers of personalised merchandise receive small and large orders from local companies as well as corporate businesses. These organisations buy bulk quantities of pen with logo that have the company emblem imprinted in the same font and colour and use it alongside other items like notebooks, calendars and mugs for promotional purposes. 

          But more often than not, businesses aren’t crystal clear about how or where to use these items; which is why they’re either stuck with a stock of customised mugs or pen with name with no clue as to how to use these items. Or even worse, they gift an inappropriate item at marketing events, thereby missing an opportunity to increase mass awareness. Gifting coffee mugs at expos or t-shirts to old clients are prime examples of such blunders which often lead to awkward and embarrassing moments. 

          I’ve personally come across many instances where companies could have better attracted their intended audience if they knew what to gift; this is why I’ve written this blog to guide companies about what promotional item is appropriate for what occasion.

          Here are three key demographics that every established business targets. Let’s take a look at what promotional item companies can gift to each of these.

1)    Employees
Companies can give notebooks, pen drives and pen with name to every staff member. These are useful items that employees can use in the workplace as well as at homes, on a daily basis. Using branded in the office makes your business looks professional in the eyes of the employees as well as visitors and clients.

2)    Customers
In today’s competitive scenario, it is easy for business rivals to charm each other’s customers away; which is why businesses should send their gift their old as well as new clients with everyday items like calendars, coasters and mugs that frequently remind them about your business.

3)    General public
Exhibitions, trade fairs, expos, etc. are the best opportunities where any business can showcase its various products and services. Such events do half of the work by bringing large crowds that are already interested in what the companies have to offer. Businesses only need to delight them with useful promotional souvenirs like key chains, fridge magnets, sippers, caps and pen with logo. These items are lovingly embraced by all, unlike pamphlets and brochures which get disposed of, as soon as the visitors are out of the venue.

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